TitleAuthorsJournalDateLink to article
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TitleAuthorsConferenceDateLink to article
Event-Based Modeling with High-Dimensional Imaging Biomarkers for Estimating Spatial Progression of DementiaVenkatraghavan, V.*, Dubost, F.*, Bron, E.E., Niessen, W.J., de Bruijne, M. and Klein, S.IPMI2019
Deep learning from label proportions for emphysema quantificationBortsova, G., Dubost, F., Ørting, S., Katramados, I., Hogeweg, L., Thomsen, L., Wille, M. and de Bruijne, M.MICCAI2018
Quantification of lung abnormalities in cystic fibrosis using deep networksMarques, F., Dubost, F., Kemner-van de Corput, M., Tiddens, H.A. and de Bruijne, M.SPIE2018
GP-Unet: Lesion Detection from Weak Labelswith a 3D Regression NetworkDubost, F., Bortsova, G., Adams, H., Ikram, A., Niessen, W.J., Vernooij, M. and De Bruijne, M.MICCAI2017
Segmentation of intracranial arterial calcification with deeply supervised residual dropout networksBortsova, G., van Tulder, G., Dubost, F., Peng, T., Navab, N., van der Lugt, A., Bos, D. and De Bruijne, M.MICCAI2017
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